The Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?


Participants have to submit their complete b-plan in the Submit Your B-Plan section.

Video Pitch

Selected b-plans have to submit a 3 – 5 min elevator pitch video to be uploaded on YouTube.

Win Awesome Prizes

Winners of the challenge get amazing prizes such as kindles, mentorship with a successful entrepreneur and much more…

About Kidpreneur

An Initiative to Impart Entrepreneurial Skills in Kids
Why are Entrepreneur-ial Skills important for school kids in today's day and age?

Every start-up entrepreneur goes through a lot of grind in her / his journey. At the beginning of the journey, entrepreneurs are the only team members doing all the work from product building to marketing to sales to cleaning the tiny office and more. As the team grows, as the business grows, the responsibilities then change to managing the team, managing the growth, raising funds and ensuring the start-up is always innovating, always bringing better products and services to the customers and consumers. Those entrepreneurs who nail every step of the journey end up creating massive companies that provide products and services to millions of people and employ thousands of people. But being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. There are so many skills such as vision, quality of execution, team management, leadership, financial management, damage control, branding among others that an entrepreneur needs to master. We realized that it will definitely not harm kids to learn a few of these skills while they are growing up along with a solid dose of confidence, innovativeness, intuitiveness and communication skills. This led us to creating Kidpreneur and we look forward to welcoming all 10 – 18 year olds to participate in this unique and exciting competition.


    Are you a natural leader?


    Can you find and solve real problems?


    How well can you execute your plan?


    How well can you present your idea?


Here are the selected individuals / teams who have created brilliant business plans in Kidpreneur
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Project D

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